iDeals vs Securedocs Virtual Data Room

The market of the data room products offers a variety of software solutions for companies to implement or improve electronic document management – both internal and external.

Make the Work of Your Company Better with the iDeals

Attackers constantly disguise so-called worms in other programs that we unknowingly install on our computers, which threatens the integrity of information – its theft, destruction, or modification. This method is one of the most popular because it uses not only security vulnerabilities but also the psychological characteristics of the user, his desire to download free media files (music, videos, software, etc.), and simple curiosity.

When developing a return plan, companies using iDeals need to take a data analysis approach to better understand the unique characteristics and needs of employees and make better use of staff capabilities. If companies can better understand their employees, they will be able to develop more effective programs and policies that will help increase employee efficiency and ensure an adequate level of health and safety.

After preparing and uploading documents to iDeals virtual data room, they become available to all potential buyers, and the system monitors all actions related to them. Once the transaction is closed, both the seller and the buyer can obtain an archive of documents and detailed action logs on flash drives, and this information can be used in the event of litigation.

The organization of the iDeals storage of documents describes:

  • Operations that are critical to the amount of data are adding, searching for a document, viewing a list of documents, sorting.
  • If there are a large number of files in the directory of the order of several thousand, working with files begins to cause inconvenience.

What Is Important to Know About Securedocs Virtual Data Room?

There is a free “initial” tariff in Securedocs, using which you can sign and send both incoming and outgoing documents, and keep documents for 3 years. It is also possible to comment on documents both in the internal document flow and together with external contractors.

Securedocs allows you to download and create electronic documents from ready-made templates. In addition, it is possible to view downloaded, created, and signed documents with information about the signatory. In addition, there is a functionality for exchanging documents and setting up routes for documentation, which allows you to implement the business process of approval and signing of the document both within the company and with contractors, and – to inform other employees about approval and signing.

Securedocs also offers some protection with S/MIME encryption, which requires that certificates be installed on your device and that the recipient uses a mail program that supports the standard. It’s far from just entering a password, and it doesn’t work with the Securedocs webmail version. The system of electronic document exchange should be built in such a way that each document, which is characterized by a set of structured data, was created effectively: promotion, processing, sending, and storage.

Today, we must always follow all the rules of security to minimize the possibility of losing information, and not live under the illusion that, say, everyone is protected, and nothing like this can happen to me. The vast majority of attacks are less complex, so they can be prevented by taking appropriate measures to protect systems, making constant updates, including fixing previous bugs, scanning systems for vulnerabilities, using antivirus software, and cultivating responsibility for their actions and instilling such responsibility to subordinates.